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Explore the outer and inner realms on our spiritual deepening journeys to India...

Jal Mahal, Lake Palace Jaipur

Jal Mahal, Lake Palace Jaipur

Earth Element Yatra Dharamshala

Eagles Nest, May 16-26, 2019

Magical trail to Eagle's Nest property, Himachal Pradesh, India

Magical trail to Eagle's Nest property, Himachal Pradesh, India

Water Element Yatra South India

Goa/Gokarna Trip; Spiritual deepening TBA

North Goa, India

North Goa, India

It’s a special time to get to know yourself. To be with yourself and other women in the spirit of the sacred feminine in the beautiful forests of Dharamkot, Himichal Pradesh, or one of our other locations in Mama India. Heal, nourish, learn and express through devotional expressions in a context of healthy initiations, ceremonies, and sharing circles valuing sisterhood and womanhood.

*Devi Circles, sharing our stories, reflection on being a woman, teachings on the sacred feminine & archetypes, Vedanta, psychology, mantra chanting and singing, ritual & ceremonies, guided meditations, connection, women supporting women, pampering & nourishment, dance, Vedic Mythology, creative feminine expression, alone time, nature walks and new inspiration.

This retreat is here to bring women from all backgrounds together: offering support, tools & teachings that have its roots in the Vedic Tradition.

In the Vedic Vision, all that is here, is sacred. All that is here, is my infinite expression. The world is my heart. I am the whole, nothing is away from me. There might be many different forms, different ornaments yet they are all sustained by one and the same gold. Vedanta says you are that gold.

Discovering that I am the gold, frees my heart from pain, as I stop comparing myself with other women and I discover that what I want, is what I am. I am whole, I am acceptable, I am lovable. I am the source of love, security & happiness. That is sacred beauty to me.

The secret lies in accepting what was, embracing what is, loving what comes, and giving what we want and ultimately knowing what matters and what doesn’t, what we can change and what we cannot change.

In that understanding we can heal, grow and mature. Eventually we can embody what we know and share with others who also want to be free strong and brave women.

The Yatra is for you, for any woman who wants to embody what it is to Be a Woman, be herself and fearlessly embody all her sides, meet the world with an open, non judgmental, compassionate, caring, and loving heart, mirroring back love and validation. This retreat can help to find new inspiration for life and tools on how to lead and hold ones own Women’s Circle.

Facilitators; Sharada Devi & Renee Garland

Sharada brings her deep knowledge of Ancient Vedic wisdom, paired with years of experience leading women to find themselves through spirituality and connection. She is a wonderful teacher and guide filled with so much grace who continually journeys around the world to share her knowledge and gifts. She’s a trained classical Indian dancer, and has traveled and lived many years in India, including Swami Dayananda’s Ashram. Renee brings to us her 18 years of living and traveling on and off in Mama India. She started visiting India from 20 years old, and faced many challenges as a young blondie importer in the subcontinent alone. But above all else, her thirst for spiritual teachings and textiles always won, choosing to continually follow her inner heart callings. Our offering to you is to create a sacred container where you will feel welcomed into Indian culture in a safe, nurturing, and fun way together as sisters.
Om Bhumi Devyai Namaha

For more detailed information, and to apply for our Yatra, please go to this link… https://bewomanproject.info/yatraindia/